In most cases, knowing who a writer is helps me care about what they’ve written. Even just having a name helps me relate to them through what they’ve put on the page.

So, Nathan Brasfield is the writer of this blog.

It’s a decent name. Still, if I can know something about their occupation, education, location, or whatever–that certainly proves to be valuable information. It provides me with a fuller picture of the larger circumstances surrounding the written word.

So, I just graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY with an M.A. in biblical studies in December 2011. In 2009 I finished my B.A. in biblical studies at Crichton College (now Victory University) in Memphis. I am now back in the Memphis area, where I was born and raised, and I am part-time staff at Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis. I love Memphis. I love this church. I’m working on the details of how I can put more of myself in both.

Ahh. So a lot of what I write on this blog is going to have to do with biblical studies, Christianity, etc.

Yes, that’s right. A lot. But certainly not all. Hopefully this blog will reflect the many facets of my own life. I’m interested in many things.

It’s good to know basic information like that about a writer. Questionnaires could be helpful as far as that goes.

Age? 25 in a couple of months. That doesn’t seem right. 

Pets? My cat Sunny who is 15 or 16 or so. Forgot what it’s like not to have him around.

Marital status? Single.

Eyes? Green. Also my favorite color. A lot of my clothing is green, but I didn’t set out to have a green wardrobe. Just drawn to the color.

Favorite book? Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church by N.T. Wright

So you’re probably a Christian? Yes. I have been a committed follower of Jesus Christ since 2004. The world only makes sense to me as the setting of the larger story of a creation which is meant to be flooded with the presence of its Creator. Our significance is found in our proper place within that story and within that world. And it’s a pretty important place. Made evident by the fact that God has revealed himself most vividly in a person. (Jesus.)

Should we expect to hear more from you about this story in your blog? If you don’t, tell me to stop writing.

Least favorite word? “Policy.” Or maybe even worse, those awful words that have sprouted up in the English language only recently, often as a result of combining two words which were perfectly good by themselves. Example: “brainchild.” Just do me a favor and think about how stupid that word is for a moment.

Favorite word? As much I have several words I outright detest, I don’t think there’s any individual words I’m crazy about. But small collections of words are sometimes really good, like phrases and sentences. The favorite quotations section of my Facebook profile is rather full.

What’s an example from that section? “God made man because he loves stories.” –Elie Wiesel

What kind of car do you drive? I drive a 1999 Saturn that my parents got me when I started college. It has never left me stranded, even during multiple trips from Wilmore to Memphis and back.

What color is it? Well whatever color it is, it certainly isn’t purple. I can prove this through a simple syllogism: Nathan would never drive a purple car. Nathan drives a car. Nathan’s car is not purple.

Are you into sports? No, not really. Though I love the occasional live baseball game.

So you’re into other things? Yes.

Like what? Things that matter, mostly. Aside from the interests already noted, I’m into art in just about every format in which it appears. I don’t produce much art, but I am within my own mind a lot of the time at art museums, when listening to music, watching a movie. All of this stuff shows me humanity, and by doing so it shows me God. I guess that’s what I am ultimately into.

Do you enjoy NPR? Yes.

You’re listening to it right now, aren’t you? Yes; it’s soothing.

Favorite food? Oh wow. I wish I knew you were going to ask that. Umm.. that’s hard because I really care a lot about the things I eat and I just can’t get enough flavor. Any given dinner at home has lots of different spices, sauces, to liven it up. But anyway I love Mediterranean, Japanese, and Fish n Chips the most. And of course, anything Memphian. We have good food here.

Any guilty pleasures? Things you like that if people knew you liked they’d be alarmed? Well I like most things, and that includes the weird ones. But Yankee Candles is my standard response to a question like this. Good smells are some of the best things about being alive, and the flickering light is a nice alternative to all the manufactured luminescence we see everywhere. I am not ashamed.

That reminds me. How do you feel about fluorescent lighting? I freaking hate it. My preferred lighting comes through the window, or emanates from lamps with the traditional incandescent bulbs that the government wishes to rid us of.

Coffee or tea? I drink both, though probably more tea than coffee nowadays. Also, it’s not “hot tea,” either. Americans consistently get this wrong. It’s just “tea.” “Iced tea” is what is the innovation.

Books? As far as the eye can see. They’re everywhere at home. And they’re what I worry about when we’re under a tornado warning. That’s sad, and I do try to fight it. But I do spend the vast majority of my free time reading. 

What do you read? Well obviously the vast majority are about biblical studies, theology, and related fields. But I get into other nonfiction occasionally, though I’d like to do more of that. I also have many fiction books in my shelves waiting to be read. They’re hard to get to, though, for sure.

What’s your favorite thing to do not related to things you’ve already mentioned? Travel. I’ve been to Europe three times and loved all of it. Though I really want to see more of my own country.

Where do you want to go? As far as this country goes, I think I would love Seattle. So much so that I would probably want to stay there. But I believe Memphis is the place for me, so my goal is to be here. Other than that, I would love to visit Chicago or New York. And Yellowstone Park. New Orleans. And Savannah, GA. As far as the world goes, I wouldn’t believe my eyes if I visited the land of Israel and surrounding areas. Bibleland I call it.

What is it about Memphis that has you wanting to be there? Well I grew up in the area, so it is the place I call home and going away to Kentucky for graduate school made me realize it’s where my heart is. It’s the place I want to make better. Although it has its issues for sure, e.g., a struggling government, high crime rates, high poverty, it is home to some of the most vibrant churches and ministries in the country which are working to shine light in the darkness. Its culture and feel is like nowhere else, it has incredible food, rich tradition with the arts, and has all kinds of people in it. Lots of images of God all over the place.

See, you can enjoy the blog now.