Paige Benton Brown

At least one source attests that Tim Keller calls Paige Brown the best Bible teacher in America. I do know Paige attended the church Tim pastors in New York for a while, so this wouldn’t surprise me. While there are teachers whose works I have read that have proven to be a more formative influence on me, the group of sermons I have heard from Paige have certainly been the most valuable that I’ve ever encountered.

And you’ve probably never heard of her. I have a feeling she prefers it that way. Not to say that those Christian leaders who make a name for themselves were simply out to make a name for themselves, but there is no question in the case of Paige that she’s just about speaking the truth. Though I wish she has, she has not written a book–which is often the first step toward making yourself known in the world of Christian teaching. She just did campus ministry for several years at Vanderbilt and Virginia, has a degree from Covenant Seminary, and basically is just a stay-at-home mom with her three kids and occasionally speaks at conferences.

And so, without knowing anything about her, and having heard nothing about her before, a couple years ago I went to the Christian Life Conference at Second Presbyterian in Memphis that featured her as a speaker for that year’s theme, “A Heart for God.”

Making her way through the Saul and David story of 1-2 Samuel, Paige shows how vital the condition of the heart is in light of the God who claims our lives as his. And she does it with a keen literary sensibility, wit, and honesty, and all in an appropriately worshipful and humble stance.

I have listened to these sermons many, many times and they always lead me to look at my own heart with discerning and critical gaze and yearn to have the heart of God.

Click on the names of these resources to check them out. The Christian Life Conference sermons are available on the website of Second Presbyterian.

Here’s a great article on singleness that she wrote before she was married entitled “Singled Out for Good

Here’s a couple of talks she gave for The Gospel Coalition:

And a video of a plenary session speech she gave for a Gospel Coalition women’s conference entitled “In the Temple: The Glorious and Forgiving God.”

And a video of session she gave for the Gospel Coalition’s women’s conference entitled “Fearing God in a Fallen World.”

Here’s a conversation with Jenny Salt about women’s studies in the church.

That’s all I’ve been able to find from her. If you discover anything else, let me know.

And I can’t find an email address anywhere for her, so if she somehow sees this, thank you Paige.


20 comments on “Paige Benton Brown

  1. Issa Cusi says:

    Hi. i can’t access the “Reflective Heart” & the Responsive Heart” audio sermons. Can you help me pls

    • Hi Issa, thanks for visiting. I clicked on both links and it took me to the download page of Second Pres. When you get to the page, click download MP3. The websites might have been down when you attempted.

  2. Ann says:

    She just spoke at the Gospel Colition’s National Women’s Conference on the Kingdom, which was one of the best things I’ve heard in a while. I googled her and your blog came up–which proves your point on how little she markets herself–so refreshing and also frustrating!

    • Andreina says:

      I agree with you Ann. I was there and my response was exactly like yours. What an amazing gift she is to the church-refreshing and also frustrating indeed! Thank you Nathan.

  3. Sonia says:

    She spoke at the Gospel Coalition women’s conference this past year (2012). I believe the title is “in the temple…the glorious and forgiving God”. It is the best sermon I have ever heard on the temple…and my husband said the same thing. Definitely check it out! You should be able to find it on google or gospel coalition website.

  4. elise says:

    I took a class on the narrative arc of the Bible taught by her at Redeemer in NYC– it was awesome! I had to miss a few classes, and asked if I could have a friend tape record them. She told me wasn’t comfortable with that. I appreciate her humility, but wish she’d be more willing to share her gifts. She truly is a gifted speaker and an inspiration. She has probably touched more lives than she realizes. Oh, and the quote I heard about her was that Tim Keller says she’s the most gifted speaker in the PCA. I think I might agree (although Tim is pretty gifted as well.)

  5. Patrick Cleary says:

    The best women’s Bible teacher on the planet!

  6. Nadine says:

    Boo, the GC links no longer work. Too bad!

  7. kelly says:

    she is truly a powerhouse, I listen to a lot of people- but with Paige, I just keep listening to her messages and everytime I do, I learn something new- love her!

    • Patti says:

      I would love to get in touch with Paige to have her speak to the women leadership team at fellowship bible church in Brentwood TN if anyone knows how I may reach her or if you read this Paige please email me at

  8. Tami Jones says:

    I am the Director of Women’s Ministry at Immanuel Baptist Church in Richmond, VA. I would love to find out how we might be able to have Paige come and speak at a Women’s Conference. Please email me at

  9. Jason Stickler says:

  10. Rose Anderson says:

    I am the women’s ministry director at East Cooper Baptist Church in Charleston SC and would love to have her come to speak at our Women’s Retreat. Please let me know how I can contact Paige! My email is Thank you!

  11. Karen Sherwood says:

    Anyone find contact info for Paige to request her to speak at your conferences? I’m also interested in nabbing her! Let me know…

  12. […] Laura has found writer and speaker Paige Benton Brown’s work helpful. Find an accumulation of Paige’s writings here! […]

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