Blog Record!

Just yesterday my blog hit a record for most views in a single day. 195. And I haven’t posted anything in several days. Actually the last thing I posted, and I’m actually disappointed that this didn’t take the blogosphere by storm, is the piece “When Your Dad is Your Cousin.” I thought that such an honest exposition of the inner most depths of my identity would have resonated more with my readers. What is it that you people want?

Anyway, the only reason I’m getting so many hits lately is because of a post I wrote earlier this year entitled “Salvation is like a baseball bat.” As it turns out, you’d be amazed how many people around the world are googling “baseball bat” everyday. And especially lately. But I doubt they’ll find what they’re looking for on my blog, unless it’s a picture of a baseball bat, which I so thoughtfully include in case you can’t recall what one looks like.

So clink on the link above and check out the post that is bringing the most “readers” to my blog these days.

Or maybe you want to be unique, and spend some time on the fringes, finding those lesser-known treasures at the bottom of the barrel? You might want to check out some of the least-read classics, such as “The opposite of sin is not virtue but faith.” Or how about “Church-As-Society, Church-In-Society”? If the post about my dad being my cousin failed to please you, go on and take a look at “Great Aunt Mary and the Duck.” It would make a great bedtime story.

It’s looking like this record might be broken today. I’ve already got 75 views, with the baseball bat post making up 57 of those. I promise not to write another one of these posts if this is the case.


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