This is the beginning of this blog.

Starting a blog is odd.


You’ll (hopefully) never have fewer readers than when you just started, so faced with the hope that your readership will grow, you might be tempted to save your good stuff for later. This makes me face the fact that starting a blog is mainly for me. It’s a place for me to think in such a way that makes me articulate what I’m thinking, which is going to be all the more crucial if I’m going to do anything that involves communication with other people who would like to understand what I’m trying to say. Which is where I feel like my life is heading.

So I’m writing for myself, yes, but this is made possible because of people like you, my implied reader. You are a construct in my mind, a pretend listener, and you’re absolutely necessary in order for me to write anything comprehensible and that is worth reading. So I’m writing for you as well. This being the case, I know you (like me) don’t have time and don’t like the sight of unwieldy dissertations for blog posts, so for you, I’m doing my best to keep them short.

So, thank you implied reader for your steadfast assistance, always being around when I need you.

Also, to any actual reader (a real-life person!) that may read this, thank you; and I’m sorry.

Thank you because real-life people use real-life time to read blogs and for risking the possibility of wasting that real-life time.

I’m sorry because I’m assuming for this blog that all questions about anything that I already want to talk about have already been asked of me.


Yep, starting a blog is odd.


11 comments on “This is the beginning of this blog.

  1. madamehousewife says:

    I promise to be a faithful reader. It is beautiful already, as new beginnings always are.

  2. Thanks so much Mama Italiana!

  3. Can’t wait to hear all the things God is teaching you post-seminary. I know this space will be filled with thought-provoking posts. I’m ready for a mini dissertation! 🙂

  4. Adam says:

    This sounds exactly like you! I look forward to reading it, Sir.

  5. Mel, who is irrefutably awesome. says:

    A great start to something that is by nature awkward! You’ve put yourself out there and now I’m ready to see what you got! 😛
    I look forward to blog-stalking you… yep, starting a blog is odd.

  6. I love that you have a blog! I look forward to stalking your web presence from hereon out. Hope that isn’t creepy.

  7. Shoot. I didn’t mean to post under this account. (This is John Adams.) haha

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